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Cutting edge designs, Premium Fabrics and bringing a touch of African Heritage to the world.


Based in London, T I A (This is Africa) launched in 2019. 


The brand focuses on delivering high quality loungewear. Each product has been created as a solution to a problem. We poured our heart and soul into creating much loved pieces that enhance your day and make you feel special. 


We have a series of different cuts and fabric choices designed for various purposes. Our premium fabrics are luxurious and have excellent technical properties.  T I A underwear can be worn all around the world for a variety of uses. 


T I A underwear stands out by our wonderful prints. We are proud to enable an expression of taste for men and women through our unique prints. The prints are designed by an in house team, with unique references to our African heritage and culture. Each print produced will be limited edition to a number of pieces per commission.  


We care about continually creating beautiful clothing to serve our community, our T I A family. We are blessed to be able to explore Africa further and embrace all that it has to offer. A truly magical place.


Welcome to our journey, welcome to the T I A world.