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Tree of Life Print - TIA Underwear Pattern

Tree of Life Print

Our Tree of Life print is our hero print. The baobab tree depicted in the print is a distinctive and striking tree native to Africa. Known as the “Tree of Life”, this majestic tree is an African icon and lies at the heart of many traditional remedies and folklore across the 32 countries it grows in.

The baobab is a prehistoric tree that predates both mankind and the splitting of the continents over 200 million years ago! Difficult to destroy and adapting to its environment, the tree of life can live for up to 5000 years. It sums up the true tenacity of the African spirit.



TIA Print - TIA Underwear on Pattern BG

T I A Print 

What we have come to know as art in the modern day has a variety of meanings. Something we noticed on our creative journey was that many important contributions to each of the definitions occurred in Africa. 

One example of this that we found particularly intriguing was the simple act of non verbal communication. We are spoilt by the communication instruments we have at our disposal today. Throughout our scholastic experience we come across several instances of scribing, etching, engraving and painting all created with the intention of storytelling.

Storytelling is such an important tool, it has the power to bring people together, but also to push them apart. When used in the correct way, the potential to do good is endless.

There are many theories as to where it all started. The most common belief is that the first artwork produced was around 77000 years ago in the Blombos Cave. It is situated in a region that is now a private nature reserve in South Africa. 

We created this print as an interpretation of many of the works we have seen over the years and to pay homage to the power of story telling.

We’re astounded by the creativity and determination of the human spirit.