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Adora Mba

16 Oct 2018
Adora Mba
What country were you educated in: 

United Kingdom

What makes your country special:

It’s super cosmopolitan, the best people are from or live in London! And I like how despite having the worst weather at times it’s the best city. Never a dull moment 

What is your favourite city and why:

This is tough... I’ve travelled a lot! But I’d say I guess other than London that I love Accra, Paris... or Barcelona 

Where is your favourite place to hang out in your city: 

Notting Hill/ Portobello road area. So much to do, cool peeps, have a drink and watch beautiful people in the sun or rain. In Ghana: Ada. I’m a water baby/ mermaid. 

What is your favourite restaurant in your city: 

Another difficult one... For Italian it’s definitely Delfino's (Mount Street) but also love my local French restaurant Les Petits Gourmets. Amazing food and people and I fell in love there. In Accra, Mama Mia or Kokorobite Gardens. I’m a sucker for Italian food. 

What is your favourite gallery in your city : 

I work in art so this a hard one! But I like two: Tafeta because they are my peoples and are a small space but a Mighty force in the art world! And Tyburn because every artist I’d ever represent if I had my own space is who they do. For fun to wander I will always love The Serpentine. In Accra, hands down Gallery 1957. Love the artists, events and team. They push the boundaries of what the world sees as “African art” 

Tell us about your favourite African travel destination: 

Can it be home? I LOVE Ghana! It’s such a mini secret in Africa. Beautiful people, food, beaches and vibe. Otherwise Mombasa. Went there on a family holiday and loved the sands and sea! Food was incredible and I never wanted to leave.

Have any books (plays or films) change: your life:

The secret. I read it at 19 and have always believed in the power of putting your dreams out in the universe and things coming to you that you desire. That book just made it more real for me. I’ve never looked back. And (obviously) the Bible. 

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party (dead or alive): 

Prince, Lindsay Lohan, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Naomi Campbell, Kanye West, childish Gambino, Coco Chanel and my Mum. 

Who is your style icon: 

Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie, Lisa Folawiyo and my Mum 

What item of clothing do you wear the most:

My black Paige jeans or D - Squared leather jacket 

Tell us about your most extravagant fashion purchase: 

I bought a ridiculously expensive Chloe bag on a whim in New York. Returned it the next day and bought an Alexander wang bag and Isabel marant Trainers in its place the next day 

What single thing would improve the quality of your life :

Money. Duh? Hahaha 

What are your guilty pleasures: 

Trainers, wine, food, cigarettes and holidays in no order hahaha 

What is your favourite smell: 

Currently D&G “The One” But it changes. Used to be “J’adore Dior”

If you were the (President, Leader, Prime Minister) of your country for the day what would you do :

Free healthcare and education despite background or income. And make art lessons compulsory in schools. 

Which living person do you most admire:

All the women in family, My friends, And Diane Von Furstenburg. Badasses

Where do you see your country in 10 years time : 

UK probably won’t change. Ghana I hope would have vastly improved. Especially infrastructure and sanitation. Same for Nigeria. 

How is technology changing your country :

In UK not much but tech is growing as a developed industry. In Ghana and Nigeria the tech industry are new markets but making vast waves in their sectors 

Tell us about your favourite charity, what work do they carry out : 

I don’t have a specific charity per se for now... but anything that involves the country’s art sector and education I am 100% behind 

Why does the T I A project appeal to you : 

I’m known as a TCK : third culture kid. I grew up in London, Lagos and Accra. Yet despite my boujis accent and upbringing I’ve always remained connected to Africa and it’s potential. For those who don’t know, the wealth of growth on the continent is ASTRONOMICAL. It’s about having those of us abroad come home and for those at home to realise the power we have as a people and continent. Every industry counts to this, including TIA. It’s time for us to seize the international Industries 💪🏾🙌🏾


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