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25 Mar 2019

What country were you educated in:


What makes your country special :

The existence of wildlife and beautiful sceneries. 

What is your favorite city and why:

Mombasa, it is the city I grew up in and all my memories reflect back to that place. 

Where is your favorite place to hang out in your city:

Mama Ngina Drive.

What is your favorite restaurant in your city:

Adams barbeque 

What is your favorite gallery in your city :

My artistic father in law’s collections of paintings displayed at home. 

Tell us about your favorite African travel destination:

So far, I would stick to Nairobi, Kenya. Since it is the heart of my country, with beautiful sceneries and people. I find it very exciting travelling back and forth. 

Have any books (plays or films) changed your life:

 Yes, I grew up watching the cooking TV show by Chef Osama El Sayed which has made marvelous changes in my life until dateWho would you invite to your dream dinner party (dead or alive) :

My late grandfather. The man behind my cooking skills. 

Who is your style icon:

John Kaveke 

What item of clothing do you wear the most:

A pair of jeans and a comfortable table shirt. 

 Tell us about your most extravagant fashion purchase:

This would be when I buy too many suits from John Kaveke, and it’s never a regret.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life:

More exposure and opportunities to attend international food programs as a Kenyan representative.

What are your guilty pleasures:

Consuming a lot of calories after my work out sessions, which I don’t consider a problem.

What makes Africa special to you: 

Everything it has to offer starting from its breath-taking sceneries, landforms, the people and wildlife animals. What I admire most in Africa is the preservation of culture and how cultural diversity is valued. It is a beautiful thing and that’s what I consider home.

 If you were the [President, Leader, Prime Minister] of your country for the day what would you do :

Initially I would improve on strategies in ensuring that there is zero hunger and that the agricultural sector is constantly growing. I would also focus on the Country’s economic development. Since a day is limited to 24 hours the ideas, I have in mind would not be able to be implemented immediately, therefore I would ensure that the strategies in improving agricultural growth is efficient and effective. Saving lives, would be my initial Concern as stated earlier.

Which living person do you most admire: 

Chef Osama 

Where do you see your country in 10 years’ time:

A developed economy Country, with green fertile lands, decreased rate of poverty and financial crisis.


 How is technology changing your country :

It has positively impacted on the economic, social and cultural lives of Kenyans. Especially with the use of internet. The internet has grown exponentially in the past few years and has made businesses and marketing much easier. Technology has also created employment across the country and has basically made our Country a much better place in reference to its convenience.  

 Tell us about your favorite charity, what work do they carry out:

One of the most appealing charity work that has made impacts and changed a lot of lives would be the world food programme. It's  the food-assistance branch of the United Nations and the world's largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security. 

 According to the WFP, it provides food assistance to an average of 91.4 million people in 83 countries each year. 

WFP provides refuges living in Kenya camps with unconditional food and nutrition assistance through cash and food transfers, while investing in solutions that increase refugees’ self-reliance including supporting livelihoods diversification. 

It has left positive marks in my country, Kenya, and saved a lot of lives and with that I salute them. 

You may visit the following website for more information

Why does the T I A project appeal to you :

 The fact that it aims at both elevating the creativity world in Africa and holds the value of social responsibility that includes reducing poverty as well as economic growth in the sense of employment. 

 I strongly believe in the reduction of poverty and that nobody deserves to starve. The tragic events of hunger that is taking place in Turkana until date breaks my heart. With this it could help reduce the poverty in our continent and save a life.




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