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11 Mar 2019

What Country were you educated in:

I was educated in Nigeria. 

 What makes your country special:

 The people. All the hope, all the struggle...everything is about the people. 

 What is your favourite city and why:

I haven’t been to too many places but I’m very sentimental about Jos because it’s where I was born & raised and where i started becoming who I am. Lagos has been my most special learning experience as a person and musician. Then I’d say Calabar, where I did NYSC, was my first time  being independent...or as independent as I had ever been, so that was pretty special. London is a new vibe as well because it’s so multicultural, I like to talk to people from different places to learn the world 


Where is your favourite place to hang out in your city:

Lamingo Dam. There was a big empty field by the water where people used to have unofficial driving lessons and just hang and play music from cars. We had a birthday picnic there once and sometimes we’d just drive there to stare and talk...cows used to pass by there are lot haha but all that space made it a bit easy to need space when i’m big cities.

What is your favourite restaurant in your city:

I’m not really a restaurant person because I like different things. My favourite shawarma is from shawarma & grills, favourite ice cream is from Net Café, favourite Nono da fura is from this place in a garden near Central bank. Favourite sausages are from Felak. Mr Biggs meat pie would always be a vibe too. 

What is your favourite gallery in your city: 

 I used to braid my hair around the art market at the Museum. There’s a gallery there but I don’t remember what it’s called.

Tell us about your favourite African travel destination:

I really enjoyed being in Kenya. There’s a place called Village Market in Nairobi where I had my name written on a grain of rice and put in a little glass vial pendant that had water in it. The weather was nice as well.

Have any books (plays or films) changed your life:

What I was reading at the phase where I started becoming more conscious about the world was a book called ‘The Kyballion’. I also like all books by John Green because they’re like nearly philosophically stories. My personal mission statement was inspired by Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. The Bible is always great too. 

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party (dead or alive): 

This is a tough question....different things are important to me from family to career to friends to hot boys haha...gun to my head I might say Rihanna.

Who is your style icon:

I might also say Rihanna haha 

What item of clothing do you wear the most:

T-shirts. They’re so great because they could be smart or casual or dresses or sexy or lazy. T-shirts are great.

Tell us about your most extravagant fashion purchase:

I’ve not spent a lot on fashion funny enough. If weave counts, I needed impromptu weave for Ycee’s London concert and bought from a store rather than online. Those bundles were definitely far from affordable.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life :

Money to be honest. Love and kind people are great and everything but I really feel like I would have a fun time being super rich.

What are your guilty pleasures:

Cartoons. I love love cartoons because things aren’t limited to fantasy graphics and great acting. It’s straight up imagination and I like to know things people think up. Anything from ‘Sophia the First’ back to ‘Courage The Cowardly Dog’ to Futurama & Rick and Morty to Wreck it Ralph...Cartoons. 

What makes Africa special to you: 

Culture is like individuality on a bigger scale. African weather, people, geography, history, dreams...and African women are simple just amazing.

If you were the [President, Leader, Prime Minister ] of your country for the day what would you do :

I would make sexism an indictable offence. 

Which living person do you most admire :

This is as broad as the question about who I’d like to have dinner with. Different people are amazing to me in different ways. We can either pass or we can just say Rihanna again. 

Where do you see your country in 10 years time:

 It’s really hard to imagine honestly. I asked my instagram followers this once and somebody said “Wakanda” lol...I personally feel like visualising a great future is the 1st step to creating it...and I guess it’s not very easy for Nigeria to visualise right now. 

 How is technology changing your country :

 The most interesting tech startups i’ve come across in recent times are probably piggyvest ng for saving, fibre ng for accomodation, AWA bike shared bicycles and Empawa Africa for Artiste venture capital.

 Tell us about your favourite charity, what work do they carry out: 

 Sanitary Aid NG. It’s an NGO that provides sanitary pads for girls in IDPs and schools to end period poverty in Nigeria. website: 

 Why does the T I A project appeal to you: 


A global brand drawing inspiration from Africa, supporting creatives and remembering CSR sounds really interesting.  

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