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Bruce Melodie Interview

28 May 2019
Bruce Melodie Interview

What country were you educated in:


What makes your country special:

Rwanda had a very sad history in1994 (Genocide Of Tutsi)  and after that It was like starting from zero in each and every sector but now when you see the progress, where we are at the moment, Its inspiring

What is your favourite city and why:

Kigali, I was born here, started all my music hustles here , my breakthrough, my family ,.......oh man Kigali means life to me  😍

Where is your favourite place to hang out in your city:

Nyamirambo (Street foods by the night , Nyamirambo is a sure deal 😂.)

What is your favourite restaurant in your city:

I don't think I do restaurants to be honest. (Working or not i like hanging out at my house or studio with my guys & that's it , i only do restaurant when the manager has some work to be done.)

What is your favourite gallery in your city:

Envision Rwanda

Tell us about your favourite African travel destination:

Lagos is always a vibe

Have any books (plays or films) changed your life :

Not really, My story, my struggle, my mistakes, my ups & down changed my life.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party (dead or alive) :

Mozeh Radio (Rest In Paradise King)

Who is your style icon :

It's always different

What item of clothing do you wear the most:


Tell us about your most extravagant fashion purchase:

I can't mention one in particular but mostly SHOES

What single thing would improve the quality of your life :

Daily Learning

What are your guilty pleasures:

Musics that people feel embarrassed listening to,Video games & movies

What makes Africa special to you :

Everything about Africa is so special man (Let's say  Climate,Cultures,....)

If you were the [President, Leader, Prime Minister ] of your country for the day what would you do :

I will slap myself shouting WAKE UP BRUCEEE😂  I would put more effort  into CREATIVE ART INDUSTRY.

Which living person do you most admire :

HE.Paul Kagame (My President)

Where do you see your country in 10 years time:

We all doing our best to put it on the top of the world, so i can't say that,i am working on it & you will see it in 10 years

How is technology changing your country :

Everything became easier & communication is faster and of course there's some disadvantages but that's life man.

Tell us about your favourite charity, what work do they carry out:

I & My team visit different orphanages or hospital  every semester (with financial support, Food,Clothes,....)

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